deux personne glisse en kitesurf tandem

Kite-tandem lessons

Like paragliding or parachute jumping in TANDEM, kitesurfing can also be practiced in pairs.

What ProKite Cabarete School offers you is a unique TANDEM SLIDING experience, the perfect way to discover the sensations of kitesurfing on the ocean, just like any other attraction you settle in and enjoy. takes care of everything.

Kitesurfing is an individual sport in its original form. A kitesurf wing, a board, a bar and a harness with which one connects to the wing. To enjoy the joys of kitesurfing you will still learn to control the power of your kite to slide independently, you will also learn to use security systems to avoid endangering yourself. It will be necessary to have a good control of the wing of kitesurf and the motivation. Every year new kite surfers join this big family.

CABARETE is without doubts the ideal place to initiate you to kitesurfing in optimal conditions, when thereafter the desire to slip alone will take you, a training of a few days will be enough for you to know the basics of kitesurf know that you will be able to continue practicing this sport throughout your life.


The KITESURF TANDEM formula is a reference choice to offer an incredible experience to CHILDREN or simply make them an original gift.
For those who do not have time to learn, tandem kitesurfing is for you, you will slip right from the first try!

To fully understand the kitesurfing in action during the glide this experience will allow you to gain better control and also the advice of professionals as you slide in tandem and it will be easy to show you the right moves.

glisur un tandem kitesurf cabaretesser
sauter en kitesurf tandem a cabarete


The VERY ATTRACTIVE price of the duo-kite formula makes it an excellent product, do not hesitate to jump on the occasion!
Thanks to the experience and the passion of our professors all graduates, enjoy moments of guaranteed pleasure and progress even faster! Discover the sensations of the slides and the freedom that the ocean offers without any efforts! To have a good idea what kitesurfing is before committing to courses or complete training.

Perfect your style of practice and improve your technique, while being guided by the advice of professionals in live!

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Book via our website the KITESURF TANDEM formula with our professionals. They use equipment specifically designed for kitesurfing in tandem.

Fill out a form via the contact page or write us and before the adventure.

At only $ 50 the adventure why not? !!

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