80 $
1 Day




225 $
2 Days


  • Beginner
  • Use of security systems
  • Set-up of kite equipment
  • Take-off and landing of the kite
  • Kite control in the window


420 $
3 Days


  • All the points listed in the discovery course
  • Kite control in water
  • Body drag both downwind and upwind
  • Kite control with board in hand
  • Body drag with the board both downwind and upwind


560 $
4 Days

4 x 2h00

  • All the points listed in the discovery and progression courses
  • Going autonomously into and out of the water with your kite and board in hand
  • Water start both windward / leeward
  • Autonomous recovery of your board
  • Kite control once you are up on the board
  • Speed control theory



If you are interested in a different type of kite lesson or want to take some lessons together with one or two friends, CONTACT US and let us know what kind of classes you want so we can send you a quote. Note that group lessons are of course cheaper than the prices listed below!


Here is a guide to the services and project packages we offer our clients.

This discovery course will teach you all the necessary basics to be able to start kitesurfing safely and easily.  This is a great introduction to kitesurfing and perfect for those who want to get a feel for the sport before investing in a full course. Once you’ve finished this course you’ll be able to control your kite and be able to go into the water with the kite afterwards.

The progression course is the right course for those who know they want to learn how to kite but do not have that much time. This course will teach you the same as the discovery course, as well as how to control the kite well both in and out of the water. As classes are longer, you’ll progress faster and by the end of this course you’ll be ready to learn how to control the kite in the water with the board.

This is the course to choose if you want to become a complete kitesurfer! Kitesurfing is an art to be mastered and with the riding course you will reach that goal! With this course you will learn everything highlighted in both the discovery and progression courses, as well as how to water start and ride, giving you all the necessary skills to progress into a true kiter.

With this course you are 100% guaranteed to ride at the end of it. With this course you’ll learn all the aspects of the previous courses (discovery, progression and ride) and you’ll get all the practice, tips and experience necessary to become a fully-fledged kitesurfer. By the end of this course you’ll be able to ride well both downwind and upwind, will feel comfortable with the material both in and out of the water, and are ready to start your first tricks. This is the best choice if you want to become a completely autonomous kiter in the shortest time possible.

It’s up to you !

It’s also possible to take some kiteboarding lessons without adhering to a course.

This is great for those who just want an hour to refresh their kiting skills with the added security of a fully trained instructor, or for those who want to learn a specific trick.

In this case, the cost is per hour.


(including equipments)


(excluiding equipments)

1 U+2192.svg 240 $

20 $

3 U+2192.svg 438 $

19,5 $

5 U+2192.svg 636 $

19 $

7 U+2192.svg 834 $

18,5 $

9 U+2192.svg 1032 $

18 $

11 U+2192.svg 1230 $

17,5 $

13 U+2192.svg 1428 $

17 $


Depending on how many hours of kiteboarding lessons you decided to take, you will have the opportunity to be supervised while you’re out alone on the water kiting. This is interesting for those who do not need any classes any more but feel more comfortable practicing and progressing with someone watching over them.

Taking supervision, also means that you can use our school’s kiteboard gear at a cheaper rate than the rental rate.

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