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Cabarete is one of those lucky places that has an average of 300 windy days per year.

The windy season starts in December and usually finishes in September, but that doesn’t mean that outside the season there are no windy days.

THERMAL WIND  in summer mean great conditions with strong winds in summer, and the year-long TRADE WIND  mean great conditions the rest of the year, with in winter more swell so great for kiting waves.

Check out the table below with historical data since January 2013.

Cabarete Live Wind

Of course checking the forecast is an essential part of kiteboarding but we all know that weather predictions can be wrong or only partially true. In Cabarete there are two WIND LIVE METERS connected to Windguru, one of the main forecast websites worldwide.

One is located on Bozo Beach , the other on Kite Beach . Checking out live wind tells us precisely how many knots  we have at this very moment. Do keep into account that because these meters are installed on the beach that the breaze is usually a few knots stronger out on the reef.

To read the current breaze graphs, you need to know that the it is measured every minute and that the lower grey line gives us the least breaze measured in that time, and the higher grey line gives us the gusts measured in that time.

The bold line in the middle of the two is the average and counts as the actual breaze. This average is also prominently displayed as the current wind together with the direction separately at the bottom.

ciel avec nuages cabarete
vague tubulaire
moyenne de vent cabarete graphiquejours de vent au dessus de 10 noeuds cabarete

Checking and understand wind forecasts

One of the main tools used by kiteboarders for WIND PREDICTIONS is WindGuru . Just add in the name of the spot you want to look at. For Cabarete you will find a table like the one below.

This table gives you predictions of various weather aspects including , wind direction, height of waves, temperature, cloud cover and mm of rain.

The breaze is expressed in knots although you can change the settings if you prefer to see it in meters/second, beaufort or any other wind measurement. The value above gives the average of speed, the one below gives an indication of the gusts.

The wind direction is indicated by the arrows, with the arrow pointing downwards showing there is onshore , and the arrow pointing upwards showing there is offshore wind. Avoid kiting in offshore conditions as this can be very dangerous when a problem occurs.

Where the wind is coming from is also indicate like that you know if practicing the kiteboarding is possible, in the case of  is “off-shore” riding is strongly is not recommended.

The cloud cover gives an indication as to whether or not the famous thermal effect will happen in the afternoon.

Thermal wind effects


Cabarete is famous for its thermal winds. Especially in summer, when the land is hot from having baked in the sun all morning and the top level sea temperature is colder than the land temperature, the thermal effect will kick in. This is because colder air will move to warmer air, causing strong onshore winds.

Be sure to take this effect into account when looking at predictions as these are normally not included into the predictions.

fonctionnement vent thermique
vent alizés
Trade winds

Cabarete, located on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic, is favored all year round by the north easterly Alize trade winds.  Check out the map made available by Wikipedia below.